“Søren Kierkegaard… feared that the advent of the camera would create one single portrait of us all, obliterating the treasure of our differences. Hayward being a worldly flâneur would seem to take issue with the eminent Dane.” – Richard Merkin, Vanity Fair


In these portraits of the collaborative self, all of the text and markings derive from the unexpected truths of self that surface in play and conversation between myself and the subject.  All of the words and constructions in paint and or paper are created by the subject. It’s all their art and their heart. Given enough paint, paper and permission, there’s no telling where we might end up.  – bill hayward



“the human bible” is about reclaiming possibility and the authority of the imagination – the creative process

“the human bible”  is honoring that which makes us human…imagination



…our humanity is never turned over to us once and for all but must regain or resecure its ground ever anew in the mad vortexes of history. This is no easy task.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Dominion of the Dead – robert pogue harrison






Martin Art Gallery - "the human bible" - melinda royMelinda Roy – NYC Ballet

bill hayward’s “the human bible”…an evocative and compelling mix of

deeply personal communication and portraiture”  – Geoff Gehman


Muhlenberg College - Martin  Art Gallery

Martin Art Gallery - "bill hayward's the human bible"